Our mission is to support HUMANS in finding good solutions and/or ideas. Based on our historical background this does happen mainly within IT-environments.
But with an open mind and through a mixture of good education plus a huge amount of valuable experiences we are not bound to IT-environments only. We and a few selected partners are open for a wide range of challenges. Just contact us and we will surely find a way to come closer to a good solution or some other good ideas.

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Summer 2022

A4F Safe II+ Infos:          A4F Safe II+                  web shop: shop

More infos about the "A4F Safe II+" you may get by clicking the picture above or just buy it in the web shop.

uxlx.eu    (Oerties web shop)
uxlx.com    (exclusive Unix/Linux solutions)
schneiderelektronik.com    (high quality electronics, made in Germany)

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